1.Live Ticket to ride

1.It's all in the mind know

Because Records
1.Jamming with Heather.

Birthday Records
1.Beatles in Holland
2. Acoustic Masterpieces The Esher Demos

1.Hodge podge

Blue Kangaroo
1.'69 Rehearsals vol. 1
2.'69 Rehearsals vol. 2
3.'69 Rehearsals vol 3

BMR (blue meanie records)
1. 5.1 Degrees of separation 2CD's


Darthdisc 2000

1.Northwest Nights

Desperado Records
1.Jimmy Nicol and.....

Dolphin Records
1.The alternate Sgt. Peppers
2.The alternate Magical Submarine tour CD1
3.The alternate Magical Submarine tour CD2

EMI (fake!!) 
1.Studio sessions. new

1.Come together.

FLO records
1.Make as much noise as you like new

Great Dane
1.The Complete BBC sessions 1
2.The Complete
BBC sessions 2
3.The Complete
BBC sessions 3
4.The Complete
BBC sessions 4
5.The Complete
BBC sessions 5
6.The Complete
BBC sessions 6
7.The Complete
BBC sessions 7
8.The Complete
BBC sessions 8
9.The Complete
BBC sessions 9

1.A hard days night

madman_prv.jpg (1441 bytes)Madman records
1.Wildcat The Beatals 1
2.Wildcat The Beatals 2


1.Backyard spool
2.Peter Sellers tape
3.Spirits in the material world

mbeat_prv.jpg (2364 bytes)
1.Gone tomorrow here today
2.Making of "All things must pass vol:1
3.Making of "All things must pass" vol:2
4.Making of "All things must pass" vol:3
5.The making of James Paul McCartney

1.Hail, Hail Rock n' Roll

1.Anthology MORE
2.Let it be session Anthology
3.Anthology EXTRA


orange label.jpg (2089 bytes)
1. Rockin' movie stars vol. 3
2. Rockin' movie stars vol. 4
3. Rockin' movie stars vol  6
4. Rockin' movie stars vol. 7
5. Rockin' movie stars vol. 8

1.The Alternate Rubber soul (no anthology tracks!)
2.The Alternate Revolver (no anthology tracks!)

pegboy.jpg (1843 bytes) Pegboy
1.Free as a bird
2.12 Arnold Grove
3.The Dream is over-John Lennon
4.It's not too bad

SPANK Records
1Shea/Candlestick park


strawberry2.jpg (22691 bytes)
1.Beware of ABCO
2.Songs for Patti
3.A true legend
4.Mythology 1-1
5.Mythology 1-2
6.Mythology 1-3
7.Mythology 2-1
8.Mythology 2-2
9.Mythology 2-3
10.Mythology 2-4
11.Mythology 3-1
12.Mythology 3-2
13.Mythology 3-3
14.Mythology 3-4


pig_prv.gif (1086 bytes)Swinging' Pig
1.From us to you 1
2.From us to you 2


fhh_logo.jpg (2878 bytes)The fool on the hog hill
1.Upgrade collections (highlights)


George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

1.In my life
2.Orginal STEREO recording
3.Vinyl to the core disk1  
4.Vinyl to the core disk 2  
5.Vinyl to the core disk 3
6.Paul BBC radio
7.Paul at The Cavern 14-12-1999
8.John Barrett CD 1
9.John Barrett CD 2
10.John Barrett CD 3
11.John Barrett CD 4
12.John Barrett CD 5
13.John Barrett CD 6
14.John Barrett CD 7
15.Have you heard the word?
16.Deflating the Mythology CD1.
17.Deflating the Mythology CD2.
18.Oopsology 1
19.Oopsology 2
20.Oopsology 3
21.Oopsology 4


vigotone.jpg (4649 bytes)
1.Arrive without aging
3.The lost pepperland reel
4.The Knebworth concert
5.Turn me on dead man CD1
6.Turn me on dead man CD2
7.Get Back glyn jones compilation
9.Through many years
10.Imagine All the outtakes CD 1
11.Imagine All the outtakes CD 2
12.Imagine All the outtakes CD 3
13 Thirty day's CD1
14.Thirty day's CD2
15.Thirty day's CD3
16.Thirty day's CD4
17.Thirty day's CD5
18.Thirty day's CD6
19.Thirty day's CD7
20.Thirty day's CD8
21.Thirty day's CD9
22.Thirty day's CD10
23.Thirty day's CD11
24.Thirty day's CD12
25.Thirty day's CD13
26.Thirty day's CD14
27.Thirty day's CD15
28.Thirty day's CD16


walrus_prv.jpg (1707 bytes)
1.Lost Lennon vol. 1/2
2.Lost Lennon vol. 3/4
3.Lost Lennon vol  5/6
4.Lost Lennon vol  7/8
5.Lost Lennon vol 9/10
6.Lost Lennon vol 11/12
7.Lost Lennon vol 13/14
8.Lost Lennon vol 15/16
9.Lost Lennon vol 17/18
10.Lost Lennon vol 19/20
11.Lost Lennon vol 21/22
12.The Alternate Revolver CD1/CD2
13.The Alternate SGT.Pepper CD1/CD2
14.The Alternate Magical Mystery Tour CD1/CD2


1.Christmas Present  John Lennon CD1
2.Christmas Present  John Lennon CD2
3.Christmas Present  John Lennon CD3


yd.gif (4933 bytes)

1.  Unsurpassed master vol 1.
2.  Unsurpassed master vol 2.
3.  Unsurpassed master vol 3.
4.  Unsurpassed master vol 4.
5.  Unsurpassed master vol 5.
6.  Unsurpassed master vol 6.
7.  Unsurpassed master vol 7.
8.  The let it be rehearsals vol 1
9.  The let it be rehearsals vol 2
10.The let it be rehearsals vol 3
11.The let it be rehearsals vol 4
12 .The let it be rehearsals vol 5
13.The 1st recorded hour of Let It Be
14.The 2th recorded hour of Let It Be
15.The 3rd recorded hour of Let It Be
17.Celluloid rock
18.Complete christmas collection
19.Control room monitor mixes
20.Get back and 22 other songs
21.Hollywood bowl
22.Live live live
23.Maybe you can drive my car
24.Miscellaneous tracks
25.Studio sessions 11-2-1963
26. Studio sessions 1964
27.Studio sessions 1965-1966
28.Studio sessions 5-3/12-9 1963
29.The early years
30.The orignal DECCA tapes
31.The radio years at the beeb
32.TV appearances
33.Unsurpassed demo's
34.WBCN get back reference acetate
35.Fanthology 1
36.Fanthology 2
37.Leaning on a lamppost
38. Complete rooftop CD1
39.Complete rooftop CD2
40.The Twickenham sessions disk 1
41.The Twickenham sessions disk 2
42.The Twickenham sessions disk 3
43.The Twickenham sessions disk 4
44.The Twickenham sessions disk 5
45.The Twickenham sessions disk 6
46.The Twickenham sessions disk 7
47.The Twickenham sessions disk 8
48.Day by Day vol 1
49.Day by Day vol 2

50.Day by Day vol 3  
51.Day by Day vol 4

52.Day by Day vol 5

53.Day by Day vol 6

54.Day by Day vol 7

55.Day by Day vol 8

56.Day by Day vol 9
57.Day by Day vol 10

58.Love me do NEW
59.Day by Day vol 11 NEW
60.Day by Day vol 12 NEW
61.Day by Day vol 13 NEW
62.Day by Day vol 14 NEW
63.Day by Day vol 15 NEW
64.Day by Day vol 16 NEW
65.Day by Day vol 17 NEW
66.Day by Day vol 18 NEW

yellowcat.gif (9868 bytes)                                                                                           

1.Volume one new
2.Volume two new

Other Artists:
1.Traveling Wilbury's - Complete Collection CD 1
                               Complete Collection CD 2
2.The Rutles - Rutland's rare rutles revisited
3.The Shadows - The Shadows at Abbey Road
4.Golden Earrings - Not to find
5.The Who - Tommy Demos
6. MELANIE live in 1982/1994
7.Beach Boys - Pet Sounds Rehearsals 
Yellow Dog Yellow Dog
8.Beach Boys - Good vibrations/Smile  LUNA records

"We were four guys, that, eh...
I met Paul, said, d'y'wanna join me band, you know,
And then George joined, and then Ringo joined.
We were just a band that made it very, very big, that's all."

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